Packaging and Installing a Sage 300c Web Screen Customization

So you have your customization files and a custom controller project. How do you get this installed?

It’s actually fairly easy, and Sage has a nice way to install them into individual companies for the web screens.


Find the dll compiled by your controller project. In our case, it’s named Hutility.CU.Web.dll.

Also, find the bootstrapper XML file in your project. In our case, it’s named HutilityCUBootstrapper.xml.

Package those 2 files, and along with the UI’s manifest, js and XML files into a zip.

Packaging Sage 300 customization


Navigate to your Sage 300c Admin dashboard. If you’re running locally that would be at http://localhost/Sage300/AdminĀ 

From that screen, import your zip file.

Sage 300c Import Customization

Once imported, click on your customization, and assign it to be available to a company.

Sage 300c Assign customization

Log out of the admin dashboard, and navigate back to the main Sage300c application at:


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