Initializing Finders in Sage 300c Web Customizations

This example shows a trimmed down portion of a javascript customization file, that only includes finder initialization.

In this example, the finder is for AR Customers, where the finder will only show the Customer ID field, and return that same field as the value.

HutilityOrderEntryCustomizationUI = {
    initCustomFinders: function () {
        sg.viewFinderHelper.setViewFinder("btnFinderCustomerTest", "txtFinderCustomerTest",
                viewID: "AR0024",
                viewOrder: 0,
                displayFieldNames: ["IDCUST"],
                returnFieldNames: ["IDCUST"],
                filter: null,
                initKeyValues: [],
                parentValAsInitKey: true
// Initial Entry
$(function () {

In the above code, btnFinderCustomerTest would be the id of the button that triggers the finder, and txtFinderCustomerTest would be id of the textbox where the finder result value is placed.

The button and textbox DOM elements can be defined using the Sage UI Customization wizard or defined via javascript as we’ve described here.

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